The election has been decided, thanks largely to the tour of the Trump Death Mobile

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Quote of the Day

November 1, 2020

Reading, PA

"I could care less about Trump, I'm here to make money!"

October 31, 2020

Swarthmore, PA

"Looks so lifelike" - Ben Yagoda

October 30, 2020

Philadelphia, PA

Doctor Suzanne (who is not one of the thousands of medical professionals who Trump says  are making a fortune from COVID)

October 26, 2020

Delaware County, PA

"You're my hero" -  Mark Cuban's on Gertrude Lessem (see below)

Rose Tree Media Dentist (and political moel) Andrew Lieberman

October 25, 2020

Rye, NY

"He's a liar. He's disgusting. This is how Hitler started" -- Gertrude Lessem

101 year old Holocaust escapee Gertrude Lessem

October 24, 2020

New York City, NY

"Trump would cure coronavirus. But Democrats stop him."

Two not thumbs up for Trump 110th st. Ny Saturday

October 23, 2020

Washington, D.C.

"You're brainwashed by CNN. Trump is doing all he can. If he tried to stop the Chinese the libtards would complain. How's he supposed to know what to do?"

My pal Maral Gankhuyag and her boyfriend Nate Jenkins-Goetz. (NOTE: Maral's parents are from Mongolia where the COVID death total is 0.)

October 22, 2020

Gastonia Airport, NC Trump Rally

Undertoothed Trucker at Gas Station --  "Do You Accept The Lord Jesus as Your Savior?"

Me- "No, I'm Jewish."

Trucker - "That explains this thing (nodding at robot)."

October 21, 2020

Penn State Bus Station, PA Donald Trump Jr. Rally 

Trump Paraphernalia Road Side Booth Operator upon Seeing Robot:

"You unemployed? You must be unemployed."

"Dino" Don Lessem Creator of the Trump Death-Mobile


Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA


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'Jurassic Park' Adviser Don Lessem Talks Touring Trump Rallies with President-on-Toilet Robot

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