The Making of the Robot... 

 Tale of the tape 

The 16 foot-high robotic Trump statue for demonstrations against America's worst President was constructed in China. Seated on a gold toilet, Trump is texting with his tie in the toilet. His mouth opens to say "no collusion," "witch hunt," "stable genius," and "fake news." He wears a red hat emblazoned "Make America Great, Impeach Me."


And, of course, he farts.

Height of Robot:    16 feet

Length of Tie:         4 feet

Length of Fingers:  1 centimeter

Length of Penis*:   2 inches


*thankfully, not visible

About the Creator 

The TrumpDeathMobile was designed by "Dino" Don Lessem - dinosaur explorer, author, and trouble-maker. 


Through his company, Dino Don, Inc., Mr. Lessem creates the world's largest and most accurate robots. His Chinese robotic factory partners created the Trump-On-The-Toilet robot for anti-Trump protests. Now he has converted The Trump Robot to a touring reminder of Trump's lethal ignorance, insensitivity and incompetence.