Dumping Trump Robot featured in Baby Trump Blimp March in DC for July 4th!

CODEPINK is hosting a parade with the famous Baby Trump Balloon and the Dumping Trump Robot!

From their website:

"President Trump is planning to speak at the Lincoln Memorial on July 4, at an event named "A Salute to America." But Trump's America has been one of putting children in cages, banning refugees and immigrants, aligning with the murderous Saudi regime, supporting Israel's occupation and system of apartheid, instigating a war with Iran, and spreading hate and racism across the U.S. and the world. We say no way!

Join us in D.C. on July 4 from 2PM-6PM! We will be throwing an anti-imperialist festival, complete with a Trump impersonator contest, a dance party, and much more, and we will need volunteers throughout the day to help us pull it off. We are asking that anyone interested in volunteering please sign up for one or more two hour shift from 10am-8pm."

Help us make this an event Trump won't forget: